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Betrayed by Love   

                             adore​d by lies  

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Betrayed by Love 

Adored by Lies - An Anthology

Betrayed By Love Adored By Lies highlights a talented roster of authors in this short story anthology. With chilling stories of when love goes wrong, you will see that happily ever after was only made for television. The bitter reality of all is fair in love and war defines the scope that each author encompasses while giving you a front row seat on pages waiting to be turned.

Experience The Anthology

Sneak Peak

(Mature Content)

A Dusty, Sincere Evening

(Mature Content)

Chapter 1

As she sat in the café, she made the conscious decision that tonight; she was going to find someone to make her bitch for the night. Dusty thought, This is it. This is the night I will throw out all of my inhibitions and just go for it. I sit around and play it so safe, but tonight, I feel like a little bit of danger

After she sat there for about two minutes, frozen in the same spot, as she was an hour before, she started to chuckle to herself. She knew that she was just kidding herself, but who was she fooling? She wanted too so badly, but on the other hand, not really. But it was an exciting thought for the moment. Dusty was too much of a prude to do such a thing. 

Desiree “Dusty” Caldwell was a woman who wanted an exciting, more vibrant life, but the reality was that she was just a 32-year-old bank teller, who possessed a wild imagination without the wild heart to match.


Dusty was daydreaming while sitting at lunch with her best friend, Wanda, and did not hear her calling her name.

“Dusty, are you in there?” Wanda asked. 

Dusty snapped back into reality, just in time to hear Wanda say, “This skank is in another world,” as she laughed.

Dusty laughed as well, as she answered, “Fuck you, Wanda.”

As the laughter continued, Wanda said, “You better not bail on me tonight, Dust. This is the big thirty-five for me and you know how you do. It is my birthday and I will not take you canceling on me with some lame-ass excuse, as you are known to do.” 

Dusty could not debate with Wanda on this, because it was in fact, true. She was a true homebody; an old maid as she was known to call herself every so often, but tonight she had no plans of letting her girl down. 

Wanda went on, “Cause you know I need my wingman close by my side tonight to make sure that I behave myself.”

Dusty knew her role. They kept each other in check, no matter the consequence. That is what made them such good friends. They looked out for one another. 

“I promise; I will not let you down, my friend.”

“You better not,” Wanda said as she grabbed her purse and her cell phone, and stood up to leave. 

She had some more things that she needed to do before her party tonight.

Dusty stood up, hugged Wanda and gave her a sisterly kiss on the cheek and said, “I got you, sis. Your wing-man always got you.”

Chapter 2

Dusty arrived at Club Blacker Berry just before 9 pm to celebrate her best friend, Wanda’s birthday. She pulled up in her one big purchase in life besides her home, a custom-painted baby blue Jaguar with flecks of silver within the paint job. Dusty may be what she called herself, an old maid or a prude, but she was far from an old maid or prude within the looks department. 

 When she stepped out of her Jaguar, she always gave the people what they wanted. Six feet of absolute gorgeousness; she wore a royal blue, two-piece skirt set, which clung to every curve of her voluptuous body. She was not a fan of the gym and actually went maybe seven to eight times a month, if that; her good eating habits helped her to keep her killer frame.

As she walked across the corridor and entered the club, all eyes were on her. Her long flowing auburn-colored hair fell across her shoulders and stopped midway down her back. Her fair-colored, smooth and flawless skin glistened in the night light, revealing a fresh dewy glow. Her outfit, a mid-drift top that revealed her rock hard abs, a form fitting skirt that stopped just above her knees topped off with a pair of six-inch silver stilettos tied up her legs, caught the attention of every man, and every women, as she stepped into the club. She saw the birthday girl and headed towards her table at the front of the room. Dusty felt like a movie star. Maybe, just maybe she thought, her leaving the comfort of her home sanctuary this night would be worth it.

Chapter 3

Sincere Ra`Skins spotted her when she walked into the club, with an air of confidence in her stride. She was stunning. She was the star of the night. He knew every man in the club that night wanted her, including him, but after a keen observation of the situation going on around her table, he decided to sit back and let this one pass. She obviously was a woman who already had a slew of men at her beck and call, he imagined.

Sincere, a 36-year-old garbage man from the South Side of Chicago was just in town for the weekend, tying up some loose ends before making his final venture out of Chicago. He’d recently moved to Iowa City, IA from the Windy City, where he’d spent all of his life. Recently, he’d decided that he needed a change of pace; a step outside of the norm, so he had applied for a position as District Manager of the Department of Sanitation in Iowa City after seeing the posting on an online job site. After many months of going back and forth for interviews, he was blessed to be offered the position, in which he readily accepted. He immediately began to prepare for the move and had been going back and forth to Iowa, getting his relocation business intact. This weekend was to be one of his last weekend visits in town before his final departure in about three more weeks.

Sincere watched Dusty all night, as she turned down guy after guy who came over to ask her for a dance, buy her a drink, or just try to sit down with her for general conversation. Sincere himself was not much of a partier, but came to the party with one of his homeboys from work, as sort of an unofficial going away get-together.

Paulo, his co-worker and very good friend, invited him out to the birthday party of one of his home girl’s from his neighborhood.

Sincere was a workaholic and not a night lifer so he rarely hit the club scene, but since Paulo wanted to do something to celebrate his new venture, he decided to come and hang out with him for the night. It was hard to get him away from anything that had to do with his work. If he could work seven days a week and get away with it, he would.

He was sneaking a glance at Dusty from across the room when Paulo said, “Man, take your ass on over there. You’ve been staring at her all damn night.”

Sincere looked at Paulo with a confused look on his face and said, “What? Fuck you talking about?”

Paulo nodded his head in the direction of Dusty’s table. 

“Shorty, over there. Dude, you have been eyeballing her all night. Just go on over there and holler at her.” Sincere knew that he had been sneaking glances at Dusty all night, but he did not think he was that obvious until Paulo recognized it.

He tried to play it off. 

“Dude, ain’t nobody paying shorty no attention like that, bro.”

Paulo looked at him and said, “Man, get the fuck out of here!” He laughed and went on, “Dog, you’re so fuckin’ full of it.” He continued to laugh. “Cere, go on over there dude, and make your move.”

Sincere knew he was caught up, but still tried to play it off. 

 “Man, whatever. Ain’t nobody sweating her like that, dog. Besides, she already has her own fan club going on. Every dude that has come her way, she has played them all off to the left.”

Paulo burst out laughing. “Dog, you ain’t shit. I thought you said that you were not paying her any attention.” 

He laughed even harder. “Dude, take your ass on over there, man, and get your mack on.” Sincere wanted to, but refused to give Paulo the satisfaction of being right. This was one that he was just gonna end up having to let go.

Chapter 4

Dusty was outside the club, pacing furiously by her car. How could she have been so careless and left the car lights on? She was disappointed in herself but what got her blood boiling the most was that even though she’d left her lights on, no one had the decency to come into the club and let the DJ know to announce that the lights were left on. Someone had to notice the baby blue Jaguar out in the parking lot, with the lights glaring.

She stood by her car on the phone with AAA, who was trying to get a hold of roadside service to come give her a jump. After she ended the call, she opened up her trunk looking for the parka that she kept in her in her safe bag. The safe bag was a bag that she left in the trunk of her car at all times, furnished with materials needed in case of an emergency. The temperature had dropped drastically from the time she arrived at the club and this was most definitely a chilly emergency.

As she was putting on her parka, someone asked, “Is everything alright?”

The voice from behind startled her. Dusty turned as Sincere was approaching her car.

“Do you need any help?”

Damn, he fine, she thought as she laid eyes on the 6’3”, stocky-framed, dark-skinned specimen of a man.

Sincere had come outside for a cigarette and to get away from the noise in the club for a while, when he saw Dusty pacing by her car, talking on the phone. He did not approach her initially, not wanting to invade her privacy in case she was on the line with her boyfriend or husband. He figured that was why she was playing every dude in the club to the left. Then again, he imagined there was no way a lady of her caliber could possibly be single.

He continued, “I saw that you were having some trouble with your car, so I came over to see if maybe I could assist you in some way?”

Dusty couldn’t help but stare at him. Lord, was he fine. 

She replied, “No. Like a dingbat, I left my lights on in the car. I turned them on manually earlier today during a safety inspection check, and evidently neglected to turn the setting back to automatic, where they would go off automatically. So now, here I am with a dead cell in the battery.”

She felt a little foolish for being so careless; apparently too busy being a diva for the night that she did not even notice the warning when she stepped out of the car earlier that evening.

 “And as I stand here, I can honestly say that when I arrived, I remember hearing the warning buzzer that the lights were still on, but I was trying to hurry up and scurry into the club to avoid the hoopla. I obviously was not paying it any attention and now here I am, waiting on AAA. Who by the way, says that it may be up to two hours before they can even get to me. I could have been more than halfway home by now.”

Sincere was thinking the entire time she was talking that he was glad that she did leave the lights on because she was stunning from afar, but up close, she was absolutely breathtaking.

He said, “Well if all you need is a jump, I can help with that. No need to stay here for another hour or so just to have someone come and give your battery a jump.”

Dusty studied his mannerisms, his frame, his speech, his eyes and his lips as he spoke.

He continued, “My car is just over on the other side of the building. I can head over and get it and have you on your way in no time.”

Dusty was ready to go home and really did want her car started but this handsome gentleman had her intrigued, so she decided on a different route.

“I don’t know a lot about cars, but I do know that the battery is somewhere under the trunk of my car, and I’m not sure exactly how difficult it is to get to, so maybe we should just wait on AAA. Besides, I would not want you to get your outfit all dirty. That would tarnish that good look you have going on tonight,” she flirted.

Sincere blushed and smiled at her compliment. He said, “No, it would not be a problem. I can’t leave such a beautiful lady out here in distress. That would not be the gentlemanly thing to do.” He admired her framework and was aroused by the sound of her sultry voice. Why was he trying to rush her off? 

He thought, Shut up, dummy! 

He wanted to get to know her and he was clearly fucking it all up.

Now Dusty was blushing. She replied, “We can just wait on AAA.”

Sincere’s eyebrows went up. “We?”

She smiled, “Yeah, if you don’t mind. I really don’t want to go back inside and I could use the company.” Sincere did not mind. He didn’t mind at all.

Chapter 5

“Oh my God, I can’t believe that I am doing this,” Dusty whispered.

Sincere picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. 

“Well, believe it,” he replied. 

Sincere placed his lips on Dusty’s as they made their way down the hall towards her bedroom. He continued kissing her lips and planting light kisses on her face. Placing Dusty on the bed, he began to remove her skirt, easing it slowly across her hips, down her body; teasing her while undressing her with his eyes. He wanted her so badly; his excitement took over him so much that he ripped her thong right off of her body.

“Sincere,” Dusty whispered, breathing heavily.

Sincere caressed her hot wet spot gingerly and then abruptly entered her with his hand, moving it in and out, building up the juices within her walls. 

He watched Dusty’s every move as she cried out for joy and began making love to his hand, placing her hand on top of his, pushing it further inside her love dungeon with every in and out motion. 

It had been several months since she was touched in this way and Sincere was phenomenal with his sensually-geared hand coordination.

He reached up with his free hand and caressed her size C-cup breasts, as he dug deeper into her, rotating his hand, giving her immense pleasure with every stroke. Sincere removed his hand from her inner sanctum, pulled her to the edge of the bed, got on the floor, down on his knees and placed light kisses all over the lips of her vagina, tonguing and teasing it, making her want more with every touch of his full lips. He drove her mad with anticipation.

Dusty, not wanting to wait anymore to witness the full experience of what was Sincere, reached over to the nightstand as he sipped on her sexual juices, pulled out a condom and proceeded to hand it to him. 

Sincere looked at it, took it from her hand and threw it across the room.

Dusty shocked, spoke softly, “Why did you do that?”

He crawled up the bed, braced himself over top of her body and stared into her eyes. 

“Dusty, I want you.” 

He licked his lips and placed a soft gentle kiss upon hers and said, “And I want all of you.”

Dusty gazed into his eyes and saw that he was struck with a passion that even she was not going to be able to make him contain. Sincere kissed her neck passionately. He suckled her breast with such care, as if he was a newborn baby being nourished and feeding from her soul. 

He grabbed her hand and placed it on his massive member, instructing her to prepare it for insertion.

She abided by his direction, but pleaded, “Sincere, what are you doing?”

Sincere gazed into her eyes and said nothing.

He pushed his shaft into her slowly. 

Dusty cried out from the pleasure he was placing upon her loins. He bit his bottom lip, moaning at the feeling of her every muscle as they tightly constricted upon his member, savoring the feel of what he could only describe as absolute pure bliss.

Slowly, he invaded the space of her walls with his magnetic energy, giving her what she needed. She began to grind on his member, taking in everything that he had to give. And boy was he giving it to her. 

She caught every pitch he threw at her and pocketed every dime he placed in her love bank. 

Sincere, placing his hands and firmly gripping her bottom, lifted Dusty’s pelvis up off of the bed, and began sliding in and out of her, causing her to take every inch of him into her world. 

Sincere grunted with every pass, every stroke, every movement and every thrust he strongly placed upon Dusty’s wet loins. 

Dusty met his every move with such force as their bodies slapped together, filling the room with the sounds of a beautiful slow jam written just for them. 

She cursed, groaned, and moaned between thrusts until her pace quickened, as her body prepared her for a climatic release. 

Sincere quickened his pace to meet her every move, needing to see her face and look into her eyes. 

He placed his weight on her body, causing her to lie back on the bed and whispered, while staring into her eyes. 

“Let me see it, baby. Give it to me. Cum and drown me with that shit.”

Dusty grabbed his bottom, pulling him deeper inside of her with each pounding until her body began to shiver and shake, erupting and giving him exactly what he wanted. 

Sincere did not give her a chance to catch her breath. He began to move in and out of her slowly.

Breathing heavily, she spoke softly, ‘Sincere, you have got to stop. We can’t do this.” 

She moaned in the middle of her statement. 

“Sincere, I-I don’t…Ooooooo, shiiiit.” 

Sincere watched her facial expressions. 

She tried to continue, “Pleeeease…Sinceeeeere, we can’t dooooooo…aaaaaah, fuuuuck.”

Sincere listened to and loved the sounds of her hot wet spot as he grinded into her, covering him with all of her sexual juices.

Dusty, with difficulty, was finally able to squeal out, “Sincere, waaaaait… I don’t take any preg…pregnancy protect……tection.”

He reached down and kissed her soft full lips. Sincere made love to her mouth, playing a game of tag with her tongue; biting and suckling her bottom lip until her lips were swollen and red, while continuing to move in and out of her with precise precision.

He watched this beauty releasing her body and part of her soul to him and he knew. 

He knew and there was no doubt in his mind; he had fallen in love in one night. Had fallen in love at first sight and had fallen hard for who he knew was his heart’s downfall. 

That out of all of his conquests over the years, this woman was the only woman who ever made him feel alive. He did not know everything about her but he knew that he loved her and that their chance meeting was absolute fate. 

He knew that AAA taking two and a half hours was enough time to know that he had found the love of his life, the woman who would be his wife. 

Even he knew that it sounded crazy, but no one could make him feel anything any different. 

Not even Dusty. 

His pace once again quickened as his body could no longer hold back his excitement.

Knowing what he knew, Sincere came up for air long enough to whisper softly, “Good, because you’re mine.”

He released, erupting within her walls, with the hope and expectation of making this woman his everything, including the mother of his children. 

He released into her all of his hopes, dreams, goals and even part of his soul. 

 He collapsed upon her chest, panting and gasping for air. 

They lay in silence, in the quiet of the night, with nothing but the smell of their evening lingering in the room all around them.

He looked up at her, looking so beautiful and said, “Dusty?”

She looked into his eyes as a single tear ran down her cheek, “Yes?”

He reached up and wiped the tear from her face.

 “I love you.” 

Dusty closed her eyes and the tears started to flow. 

Dusty thought back to earlier in the day at the café when she was joking with herself about throwing out all of her inhibitions, just taking a chance for once in her life. 

How could this be happening? she thought. 

Sincere laid his head upon her chest, listening to her heartbeat, studying the rhythm, wanting and needing so desperately for it to match his. 

Dusty had never done anything like this before, but she wanted him. All of him. From the moment that she saw him.

Dusty placed her hand on his face, stroked his cheek and replied, “I love you too.”



That's the End

Or is it?"