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A Day in the life of them vassar girls series: Victoria Contest Entry 

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Contest Entry Form

Copy and Paste Questions and Answer Accordingly for Contest Entry. (Hit Refresh Button ⟳ After Entry to Confirm Contest Entry Delivery.)
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A Day in the Life of the Them Vassar Girls Quiz Contest Give-A-Way

Answer the following questions pertaining to V is for Victoria – Book I / Volume I) for a chance to win one of four $50.00 Visa Gift Cards

Contest will be conducted from Sunday August 27th at 12 pm to Saturday September 30th at 12 pm.

Winners will be announced on Sunday October 1st at 2 pm

(Winners will be picked based on the best quiz answers and then at random by drawing depending on the number of correct entries and will be announced at

For contest entry answer the following questions

Copy and paste the following questions and send along with the correct answers to [email protected] or visit and enter by visiting the Contest Entry Page.

All entries will receive a confirmation email once entry has been received.

Good Luck everyone!



1. When Victoria attended Rasha’s engagement party, what type of outfit did she wear? Please include the color, her hairstyle and accessories.

2. In what city does Victoria reside?

3. Who is Victoria’s oldest sister?

4. Why does Blue call Victoria "Vicks"?

5. What does Victoria do for a living?

6. What time does Blue arrive at Victoria’s when he showed up early in the morning?

7. Who is Riley Cassidy?

8. What movie did Victoria and Blue watch when they were cuddled up on the couch?

9. What song was playing on the radio when Blue escorted Victoria home?

10. What did Blue and Rasha decide to stop doing before the wedding?

11. What was Victoria’s response when Blue told her to leave Rasha out of it?

12. When Blue told Rasha the secret, how did she feel? (Looking for 3 emotions/feelings in this answer)

13. How did Rasha end the letter that she sent to Blue? (What was her closing remark?)

14. How long did Blue and Victoria wait on Rasha to arrive while sitting in her driveway?

15. What did Blue say that he swerved to miss hitting in the road?

16. What was Blue’s response after Victoria said, “Blue, please no? You have Rasha.”

17. What did Rasha purchase just for the occasion?

18. Who was the artist and what were the lyrics to the song that Victoria’s parents were dancing to, while they were at the holiday celebration?

19. What kind of sandwich did Rasha order when she asked Blue to bring her lunch?

20. What does Victoria thank Blue for at the wedding?

Bonus Question

Finish this sentence, “Making love to her with his…………………”

(Hint: Chapter 9)