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Welcome to my big head world

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Let Me, Tell You About 


Starting out while in her teens, Lette has always written for her own personal enjoyment, writing countless poems, short stories and doing creative writing projects. She has tried a number of times to complete a novel but could never quite get past a certain chapter due to writer's block, until now. Lette has been writing pretty much all of her life, but has just now come to the forefront of presenting her works to the world. Dishing out her first, of hopefully many of a series of novels, she got past her block in late 2016 and pushed out her first 3 books in less than  1 months time, crediting life's shares of ups and downs as her inspiration. Lette is currently working on Book 4 within the first series as well as tackling 22 more titles that will soon be under her belt  scheduled for release in early  to mid 2020.  She has also collaborated on a project, that she is very proud to be a part of, featuring a number of talented artists which was released earlier in 2017 titled Betrayed by Love Adored by Lies - An Anthology.

A Hartsville, SC native, she was primarily raised in Detroit, MI where she raised her family. Lette is a woman of many hats. Besides being a writer, she is a mother of 2, a grandmother of 9, a CEO and Small Business Owner,  a Class A CDL Semi-Truck Driver,  a Owner-Operator,  a Truck Dispatcher,  Freight Broker Agent and an all around transportation guru. After many years, she relocated back to her hometown of Hartsville, SC bringing her back to the Country side of things. Currently she resides in Cheraw, SC.

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